In a string, I want to remove only the single-character whitespace between printing characters, leaving any multiple, contiguous, whitespace characters between printing characters unchanged?

What is needed is:

f["Is This OK,  huh?"]
IsThisOk, huh?   

StringReplace hasn't worked for me because I can't see how to restrict it to single-character whitespace.

StringReplace["Is This OK,  huh?", " " -> ""]


My string comes from Import["url"] and has a length in excess of 250,000 characters.

StringReplace["Is This OK,  huh?", 
   {w : Repeated[WhitespaceCharacter, {2, Infinity}] :> w, WhitespaceCharacter -> ""}]
(* IsThisOK,  huh? *)

Note: If you also want to replace multiple contiguous white spaces with a single white space character, you can do

StringReplace["Is This OK,         huh?",
 {Repeated[WhitespaceCharacter, {2, Infinity}] -> " ",  WhitespaceCharacter -> ""}]
(* "IsThisOK, huh?" *)
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