I have an expression:

exp = a+b+c

and a list containing all the symbols of my expression:

syms = {a,b,c}

and I would like to replace the symbols with numerical values. I have a list containing the numerical values:

val = {1,2,3}

and I would like to perform something like this:


to get: 1+2+3

But this doesn't work. Do you know why?


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You need to do

  exp /. Thread[syms ->  val]
  (* 6 *)

the reason exp /. syms -> val does not work can be seen by doing trace:

  Trace[exp /. syms ->  val]

Mathematica graphics

You can see it was looking for a+b+c/.{a,b,c}->{1,2,3} and since there is no pattern {a,b,c} then it does not work.

With Thread, you basically break it to a->1,b->2,c->3 then it works.


to get: 1+2+3

you can use any of:

exp /. Thread[syms -> (Defer /@ val)]
exp /. Thread[syms -> (HoldForm /@ val)]
Defer[Evaluate@exp] /. Thread[syms -> val]
HoldForm[Evaluate@exp] /. Thread[syms -> val]

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