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I am trying to fit two data sets to a function model described below which share a few common parameters. Say I have two functions with some common parameter(s)

f[x_,y_]:= a*Exp[-x]*Sin[b*y] + c
g[x_,y_]:= d*Exp[-x]*Sin[b*y] + c

I generated two model data sets using a functional form similar to the ones above and tried to fit the data using NonlinearModelFit. But NonlinearModelFit fails to converge within the prescribed iterations and confidence interval.

I tried checking the threads (Combined fitting via NonlinearModelFit or http://forums.wolfram.com/mathgroup/archive/2011/Sep/msg00555.html or http://community.wolfram.com/groups/-/m/t/135933) on similar discussions but could not solve my problem. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.



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    $\begingroup$ Could you also add the code you tried for fitting the data using NonlinearModelFit. Did you try to use good starting values for the fit? $\endgroup$ – Karsten 7. Oct 21 '14 at 4:47

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