When executing

TeXForm[ElementData[8, "ElectronConfigurationString"]]

the resulting TeX markup appears to include some internal box markup



From that piece of code, I would expect something like $\text{[He]} 2s^{2} 2p^{4}$ to be produced.

I realize that something may be going on with Mathematica's internal box-magic system, and I have tried converting it to other forms before passing it into TeXForm. This does not seem to do anything. What am I doing wrong here?


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In Version 9 and 10 (Windows 8 - 64 bit), you can use

BoxForm`$UseTemplateSlotSequenceForRow = False; 
ElementData[8, "ElectronConfigurationString"] /.  Superscript -> Power  // TeXForm

to get



Related Q/A: Incompatibility of Row and TeXForm


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