I’m learning Mathematica and I need the coordinates of the Icosahedron vertices. This is my attempt at writing a program for it. The vertex coordinates are simply all cyclic permutations and sign-flips of {GoldenRatio, 1, 0}. My program is almost as long as writing the vertices down by hand, however. Can this be done in a more compact way in Mathematica?

signs = Flatten[Table[{i,j,k},{i,{-1,1}},{j,{-1,1}},{k,{-1,1}} ],2]
vertices = Table[RotateRight[{GoldenRatio, 1, 0}, i]\[Times]signs[[j]],{i, 3},{j, 8}]

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You can use the built-in functionality

PolyhedronData["Icosahedron", "VertexCoordinates"]
{{0, 0, -(5/Sqrt[50 - 10 Sqrt[5]])}, ... }

or this short generator



enter image description here


You can try this:

V = Table[RotateRight[{0, (-1)^j, (-1)^Floor[j/2] GoldenRatio}, Floor[(j - 1)/4]], {j, 12}];

You can plot it using ConvexHullMesh:


enter image description here


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