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I want to draw arrows and the solid dot like in this picture on a curve.


You can do it with Epilog:

f[x_] := 2 - 2 Sin[x] + x;
x0 = 4;
δ1 = 0.2;
δ2 = 0.23;
γ = 1.1;

Plot[f[x], {x, -3, 7}, 
 Epilog -> {Pink, PointSize[0.02], Point[{x0, f[x0]}], Darker[Pink], 
   Arrow[{{{x0 - γ δ1, f[x0 - γ δ1]}, {x0 - δ1, f[x0 - δ1]}}, 
          {{x0 + γ δ2, f[x0 + γ δ2]}, {x0 + δ2, f[x0 + δ2]}}}]}]

enter image description here

Here δ1 and δ2 mean the distances to arrows along the axis x, γ tweaks arrow slopes.

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