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I am unsure how to put the negations after a gate or before a gate?


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enter image description here

Assuming I have not made an error (apologies if I have), this reduces to False for all inputs.

x1 = Nand[a, b];
x2 = Or[b, c];
x3 = And[x1, And[x1, Not[x2]]];
x4 = Nor[x1, x3];
x5 = And[x3, x4];

The truth table:

TableForm[BooleanTable[{a, b, c, x5}, {a, b, c}], 
 TableHeadings -> {None, {a, b, c, x5}}]

enter image description here

and BooleanMinimize[x5] yields False

  • $\begingroup$ Great I was confused how to enter the negation on one input of the AND gate. $\endgroup$ Sep 14, 2014 at 4:47

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