Suppose I want to Save["filename", foo] under Windows. Ordinarily, the way to deal with file names under windows is to open the Insert dialogue and find a file path, but in this use case, the file is new, so it does not exist (yet). Unlike every other windows program I am familiar with, Mathematica is unwilling to create a new file (that is, once you locate the relevant folder, you type in "mynewfile.m", Mma balks. This seems like a bug (sorry, Dan Lichtblau, a misfeature :)), but is there any reasonable workaround? Am I missing something obvious?


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Insert ▶ File Path... only inserts a string that represents the location of a file in the correct formating for your operation system. I also often misuse it to specify a filenames inside functions like Save. In that case I just select any file in the proper folder, and than change the last part of the string to the filename and extension I really want.

You can get a much more convenient and Windows like behavior using

Save[SystemDialogInput["FileSave"], foo]

This also works beautifuly with Export, which is more suitable than Save in most cases, and can be made even more practical by predefining a file path (second input to SystemDialogInput)

Export[SystemDialogInput["FileSave", NotebookDirectory[]], foo]

In notebooks that I use regularly, but with different input and output files, I like to have multiple FileNameSetter at the beginning of the notebook.

Row[{FileNameSetter[Dynamic[fooFile], "Save"], 
     "   File, in which the results are saved   ", Dynamic[fooFile]}]


and than later in the program

Export[fooFile, foo]

Clicking on the Browse... button will bring up the Windows typical Save as dialog window and allows you to specify a filename, that does not jet exist in the usual way. The file itself will be created, when the Export function is evaluated.

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