Let's say we have an EEG signal approximated using a fractional Brownian motion:

 FractionalBrownianMotionProcess[hurst], {tlow, thigh, tinc}, 1]

for some parameters hurst_, tlow_, thigh_, tinc_.

The literature on EEG's state that alpha waves are obtained by using a bandpassing filter in the range 14-40 Hz, more or less...

data = EEG[0.4,0,1,0.01]
BandpassFilter[Flatten[data[[2, 1]]], {0.14, 0.40}];

My question is with regards to the BandpassFilter parameters. Does choosing 0.14 and 0.40 effectively yield the 14-40Hz range? Basically, what are the units of the BandpassFilter function in Mathematica

  • $\begingroup$ You need a factor of π and also need to mention the SampleRate. See my answer here for an example. $\endgroup$ – rm -rf Aug 24 '14 at 20:17

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