I would like to generate a function which takes a list of rules as input and generates sliders which are altering the values of the list. Then I would like to use this function in an dynamic module as input. This can be used as a dynamic way to generate a user interface for a model which is constantly evolving and I don't won't to hardcode the GUI and change it every time.

So here is a minimal example:


ruleslist = {"valu1" -> 1, "value2" -> 2};
rangelist = {"valu1" -> {0, 2}, "value" -> {0, 5}};
ruleslist2 = {"valu3" -> 10, "value4" -> 20};
rangelist2 = {"valu4" -> {0, 20}, "value4" -> {0, 50}};

the function

rulestoinput[ruleslist_, ranges_, output_] := 
DynamicModule[{values, numInputFields, sliderlistn, names, 
origvalues, rangeslist},

origvalues = ruleslist[[All, 2]];
numInputFields = Length@ruleslist;
names = ruleslist[[All, 1]];
rangeslist = ranges[[All, 2]];

Do[values[i] = ruleslist[[i, 2]], {i, numInputFields}];
Flatten@{Column@{names[[#]], Dynamic[values[#]], 
      Slider[Dynamic[values[#]], rangeslist[[#]]]} & /@ 
  Button["save settings", 
   output = 
    Flatten@Table[{names[[i]] -> values[i]}, {i, numInputFields}]]}

the dynamic module which uses the "rulestoinput" function and uses their results to Run something.

DynamicModule[{output1, output2, result},

Panel@Column@{rulestoinput[ruleslist, rangelist, output1],
rulestoinput[ruleslist2, rangelist2, output2],
Button["Run", result = Flatten@{output1, output2}],


The interface looks like this

how it looks

It works like this, but I don't want to press the "save settings" before "Run".

It would be good if just by clicking the Run button that the output1 and output2 would be updated from the sliders. I guess I am doing something wrong with the dynamic module. I searched for how to pass results from one Dynamic module to another, without success.

Of a slightly different approach. Here the results are not yet passed from the rulestoinput2 function to the "Run" button.

rulestoinput2[ruleslist_, rangelist_] := 
DynamicModule[{x = Table[ruleslist[[i, 2]], {i, Length@ruleslist}]},
 Table[With[{i = i}, 
   Slider[Dynamic[x[[i]]], rangelist[[i, 2]]]], {i, 1, 
Dynamic@Thread[ruleslist[[All, 1]] -> x]}]]


rulestoinput2[ruleslist, rangelist],
rulestoinput2[ruleslist2, rangelist2],
 result = Flatten@{"new ruleslist 1", "new ruleslist 2"}],



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I found an answer to my own question by reading the answer to Make dynamic controls from existing list.

So I guess the answer to my question is to define the functions internally in the dynamic module with the HoldFirst attribute.

DynamicModule[{controlGenerate, ruleslist = ruleslist, 
ruleslist2 = ruleslist2, result, controlfromList},

Dynamic@controlfromList[ruleslist, rangelist],
Dynamic@controlfromList[ruleslist2, rangelist2],
Button["Run", result = Flatten@{ruleslist, ruleslist2}],
Dynamic@If[Length@result >= 1, result, "press Run"]

, Initialization :> (SetAttributes[controlGenerate, HoldFirst];
controlGenerate[var_, range_] := Slider[var, Last@range];
SetAttributes[controlfromList, HoldFirst];
controlfromList[ruleslist_, rangelist_] := 
Column@(Column@{Row@{ruleslist[[#, 1]], " ", 
        Dynamic@ruleslist[[#, 2]]}, 
      Dynamic@controlGenerate[Dynamic@ruleslist[[#, 2]], 
        rangelist[[#]]]} & /@ Range[Length@ruleslist])

The interface then looks like this and expands dynamically as the ruleslist and rangelist are changed.

enter image description here


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