I noticed this in V.10 but possibly it was in effect in V.9.

I have a package which in simplified form looks like:-

f[data_List] := Module[{samples, selectFrom},
    	samples = ParallelTable[$KernelID->Apply[Hold,{"CTUDH",$Context, Context[selectFrom], selectFrom[]}], {10}, Method -> "CoarsestGrained"];

The actual package is much bigger and performed a useful function, the payload in ParallelTable here is to illustrate the problem.

When f is executed, the local symbol selectFrom is given a definition and distributed to all sub-kernels.

Except that its not (when the package is loaded via Needs). So far as the sub-kernels are concerned the symbol selectFrom has no definition so the call selectFrom results in Utilities`DataHandling`Private`selectFromXXX[] - the Hold prevents this from evaluating in the master kernel on return. Try f[{1,2,3}].

Changing the package name to MyUtilitiesDataHandling or indeed anything else resolves this and selectFrom is correctly defined in all the sub-kernels. This only took a day or so to work out *sigh*.

What is special about the (admittedly Built-in) context Utilities? How does it mess up DistributeDefintions?


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