I started Mathematica 10 and run as the tutorial says:

trainingset = {1 -> "A", 2 -> "A", 3.5 -> "B", 4 -> "B"};
c = Classify[trainingset]

but the outut is :

Classify[{1 -> "A", 2 -> "A", 3.5 -> "B", 4 -> "B"}]

which is not expected.

System: Windows 7, x64

$Packages gives:

{"QuantityUnit`", "HTTPClient`", "HTTPClient`OAuth`", 
 "HTTPClient`CURLInfo`", "HTTPClient`CURLLink`", "Utilities`URLTools`", "JLink`", 
 "WolframAlphaClient`", "GetFEKernelInit`", "ResourceLocator`", "PacletManager`", 
 "System`", "Global`"}

Problem Solved.

  1. If I start Mathematica 10 and immediately run


    it will says

    Context::notfound: Symbol Classify not found

    and if I run


    note: without quote. Mathematica will tell you:


  2. But When I run


    and then run


    Mathematica gives


    It seems wired that it is not in the MachineLearning package.

  • $\begingroup$ Not weird, just not loaded, so on initial parse, it shows up as part of Global` . As to why it didn't load when you executed the example is very curious. $\endgroup$ – rcollyer Aug 11 '14 at 13:24

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