See examples in: http://www.mathematica-journal.com/issue/v10i1/contents/MathModelicaPaper/MathModelicaPaper_2.html

It seems to be ruled out by the statement (Chapter 2 intro): "The subset of the Modelica language described in this section can be used in the simulation models, not in general Mathematica programming."

but I just want to make sure I understand what this is saying, for example, does "simulation models" refer to SystemModeler only, or to simulating from within a notebook using WSMLink?


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The MathModelica syntax in the linked paper is obsoleted and not supported by SystemModeler.

  • To create and modify models in SystemModeler from a notebook, use the functions WSMCreateModel, WSMConnectComponents, WSMCreateModelString, WSMConnectComponentsString and WSMSetValues.

  • To simulate use the functions WSMSimulate and WSMSimulateSensitivity.

  • To extract data about the model use WSMModelData.

    All of these functions are linked from the guide page.


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