Suppose I have a list of data I can ListPlot:

{ {x1,y1}, ... }

, and a list of y-errorbars:

{erry1, erry2, ... }

Is there a nice, high level way to make it into a list for ErrorListPlot:

{ {{x1,y1}, ErrorBar[erry1]}, ... }

It of course easy to do it through iteration in Table, however I keep reading about, how it is not the right way in Mathematica to use iterations (at least over lists).

data1 = {{x1, y1}, {x2, y2}, {x3, y3}};
data2 = {error1, error2, error3};
Transpose[{data1, ErrorBar /@ data2}]
Thread[{data1, ErrorBar /@ data2}]

{{{x1, y1}, ErrorBar[error1]}, {{x2, y2}, ErrorBar[error2]}, {{x3, y3}, ErrorBar[error3]}}


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