I tried to write a bat file which helped me rename files. Command to do this in that file is "ren file1 file2" which is equivalent to RenameFile[file1,file2].

renameFiles[directory_, files_, rename_] :=
 Module[{list, i = 1, newfiles},
  newfiles = ("ren " <> #) & /@ FileNames[files];
  list = Table[
    " " <> rename <> ToString[i] <> ".png", {i, 1, Length[newfiles]}];
  While[i <= Length[newfiles], 
   newfiles[[i]] = newfiles[[i]] <> list[[i]]; i++];
a = renameFiles["E:\\Download Pictures", ___, "save"]
Export["E:\\Download Pictures\rename.txt", a]

The renameFiles[] has three arguments which take the path, files in that path and name I want to change to respectively, and then convert them into a list "ren file1 file2". Afterwards, I output it as a txt file. I tried to output it as a bat file, however it displays error after I do: Export["E:\\Download Pictures\rename.bat", a]

Therefore, I attempt to do that in a different way, which renames "rename.txt" afterwards by doing: RenameFiles["E:\\Download Pictures\rename.txt","E:\\Download Pictures\rename.bat"]

So, now, I have my "rename.bat" file. I try to use SystemOpen["E:\\Download Pictures\rename.bat"] to execute it. However, it cannot work well, and I have to do it by clicking the file.

My questions are: 1. Sometimes I get the syntax: OpenWrite::noopen: "Cannot open \!\(\"E:\\\\Download Pictures\\\\nename.txt\"\). " , how can I fix this? 2. Is this the only way I can output a bat file. 3. and, how can I execute via MMA.

Thanks a lot!


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Not sure why you'd want to go through all the machinations of creating a batch file instead of just doing it directly with RenameFile, but... using your function, e.g.:

rn = renameFiles["c:\\users\\rasher\\documents\\", "*.xxx", "blah"];

Export["c:\\users\\rasher\\documents\\ren.bat", rn, "Text"];



Will do it.


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