I need to pass a function with t as independent variable as a function parameter and want to create a new function of the same through this provided the argument of another function. Here is my code.

f[t_] := t^2 + 5

Data2EWB[f[t], 0, 15, 10, "C:\Users\Jorge\Documents\desafio\aeste.txt"]


Data2EWB::usage = 
  "Data2EWB(f_, tmin, tmáx, npts, “circelet.txt”) Salva \
   arquivo com nome desejado para função de Entrada"

Data2EWB[y_, tmin_, tmax_, npts_, dir_] := 
   MatrixForm[Table[{t // N, funcaot[y, t] // N}, {t, tmin, tmax, (tmax - tmin)/npts}]]];
funcaot[y_, t_] := fc[y, t];
fc[y_, t_] := y;

I need to resolve the function that was passed as a parameter, to save data in the txt, but do not know how to do this.


This is a partial answer or maybe just an extended comment.

Your expression

Data2EWB[f[t], 0, 15, 10, "C:\Users\Jorge\Documents\desafio\aeste.txt"]

has two problems. First, f[t] should just be f. Second, at least as it appears in your question "C:\Users\Jorge\Documents\desafio\aeste.txt" will give syntax errors.

I would suggest trying

Data2EWB[f, 0, 15, 10, 
  FileNameJoin[{"C:", "Users", "Jorge", "Documents", "desafio", "aeste.txt"}]]

Or, better, assuming that C:\Users\Jorge\Documents\ is your documents directory

Data2EWB[f, 0, 15, 10, FileNameJoin[{$UserDocumentsDirectory, "desafio", "aeste.txt"}]]

I am not saying this will fix your code. But you need to deal with these very basic issues to go forward. I would further suggest you should get your code working at top-level before adding the complication of wrapping it in a package.


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