Probably a very easy question, but I could not find the answer, so it would be very nice if you can help me:

Let us say I have 10 files, all with the extension .dat. Using

data = Import[#, "Table"] & /@ FileNames["*.dat"]; 

I can import all .dat files in a folder.

However, I want Mathematica to order these .dat files by their alteration date just like I can do it under Windows with a right click > Sort by > alteration date. I want Mathematica to import the files in exactly this order. How might I do this?


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dateOrdered = ((names = FileNames["*.dat"])[[Ordering[ FileDate[#, "Modification"] & /@ names]]]);

data = Import[#, "Table"] & /@ dateOrdered;

This will import with oldest modification date first, most recent last.


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