If we open DocumentationCenter and then run code, we will find that the Cells are independent from each other.

For example:

enter image description here

  • a or b in third Cell is independent from the one in the first or second Cell.

I think maybe it is local cell?

If I want to achieve this behaviour in my notebook, how to do this?



Not each Cell but each CellGroup has separate context. If you create new cell you will get In[2]:

enter image description here

You can confirm this thesis with:

nb = Select[Notebooks[], "Help" === ("DocumentType" /. NotebookInformation[#]) &][[1]]

Options[#, CellContext] & /@ Cells[nb, GeneratedCell -> False, CellStyle -> "Input"]
{{CellContext -> CellGroup}, <<18>>, {CellContext -> CellGroup}}

So it is an Option that you can fix, e.g. via menu:

enter image description here

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