I am trying to get solution to an equation in a loop. The isolate equation works

rb = 2;
ri[x_] := FindRoot[y - ArcTan[y] - x == 0, {y, 0.01}]
srb = y /. %
s = srb/rb
rinv = (s^2 + rb^2)^(1/2)

However, when I try to do it repeatedly with a While, Do or any other command, I do not get a solution for y. Any clues?

rb = 2;
ri[x_] := (FindRoot[Tan[y] - y - x == 0, {y, 0.01}];
  srb := y /. %;
  s := srb/rb;
  rinv := (s^2 + rb^2)^(1/2))
i = 0.001;
While[i < 0.004, ri[i]; Print["i ", i]; Print["s ", s]; 
  i = i + 0.001];


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You're relying on % to capture the result of FindRoot in the loop, which won't work because % is shorthand for the last output expression from the Mathematica evaluator, i.e. 0.001 (from the Set expression for i just prior to your loop expression).

You should make sure you properly capture the result of FindRoot in a variable before you use it in a later sub-expression. For example:

rb = 2;

ri[x_] :=
 Block[{root, y},
  root = FindRoot[Tan[y] - y - x == 0, {y, 0.01}];
  srb = y /. root;
  s = srb/rb;
  rinv = (s^2 + rb^2)^(1/2)

i = 0.001;

While[i < 0.004,
 Print["i ", i];
 Print["s ", s];
 i = i + 0.001

(Note that I've also adjusted your use of SetDelayed (:=) to Set (=), since there doesn't seem to be any purpose in this specific example to delay evaluation of those intermediate calculations.)

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