I know how to put a sphere inside a dodecahedron but instead of a sphere I would like it to be another dodecahedron. How can I do it?

Graphics3D[{{Opacity[.3], FaceForm[Yellow], 
   PolyhedronData["Dodecahedron", "Faces"]}, Brown, Sphere[{0, 0, 0}],
   Boxed -> False}]

enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ Graphics3D[{{Opacity[.3], FaceForm[Yellow], Scale[PolyhedronData["Dodecahedron", "Faces"], #] & /@ Range[.1, 1, .1]}}] $\endgroup$ – Kuba Mar 26 '14 at 22:24

Kuba has identified the missing piece of the puzzle in his comment, Scale. With Scale you can make the dodecahedron smaller or larger. Other than that it's just a matter of replacing Sphere.

Graphics3D[{{Opacity[.3], FaceForm[Yellow], 
   PolyhedronData["Dodecahedron", "Faces"]}, Brown, 
  Scale[PolyhedronData["Dodecahedron", "Faces"], 0.5]},Boxed -> False]


Note where I placed Boxed. You include Boxed -> False but because its position is wrong it doesn't actually do anything in your example.


I personally tend to avoid using things like Scale[] when applying transformations to primitives. Instead, I just apply TransformationFunction[] objects directly to primitives, one way or another. As an example,

dod = PolyhedronData["Dodecahedron", "GraphicsComplex"];
ir = PolyhedronData["Dodecahedron", "Inradius"];
sc = ScalingTransform[RootReduce[ir/PolyhedronData["Dodecahedron", "Circumradius"]]
                      {1, 1, 1}];

Graphics3D[{{Opacity[0.4, Yellow], dod}, {Opacity[0.6, LightBlue], Sphere[{0, 0, 0}, ir]},
            {Green, MapAt[sc, dod, 1]}}, Boxed -> False]

inscribed dodecahedron

Graphics3D[{EdgeForm[GrayLevel[0, 1]], {Opacity[0.3, Orange], dod},
            {Yellow, MapAt[sc, dod, 1]}}, Boxed -> False]

two dodecahedra

  • $\begingroup$ @Christopher, sorry about that; should be fixed now. $\endgroup$ – J. M.'s ennui May 8 '20 at 0:06

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