I am trying to insert a (text) cell into a notebook that replicates the behaviour of tab stops in MS Word, for example. Put differently, I have two strings and I want the one string to align on the left side of a page and the other string to align on the right side of the page but on the same line.

I thought it may perhaps be possible using some version of:

            Cell["First String",TextAlignment->Left], " \t ",
            Cell["Second String",TextAlignment->Right]
    }], "Text"]

Of course, this doesn't work. In fact, I have realised that I can't use regular menu formatting commands to create the effect I want in a cell (so that I could look at the raw expression and see how it is done). Perhaps it can't be done?

However I do know, for example, that one can set the PageFooters/PageHeaders option in the stylesheet for a notebook and that this option is preset to accept a list like {{ll,lc,lr},{rl,rc,rr}} where the first list is for left-facing pages and the second for right-facing pages and the three elements in each list correspond to left alignment, center alignment and right alignment of text in the footer (essentially what I want to do in a regular cell).

Any suggestions?


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Maybe this could work for you:

  Cell[#, "Text"] &,
      Pane[#, Alignment -> Left], 
      Pane[#2, Full, Alignment -> {Right, Center}]}}] &

enter image description here


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