I've got the following OpenCL function:

__kernel void mergeSort(__global const float * in,__global float * out, __local float *aux)

When I try to call it, I only receive an internal error

OpenCLFunction::invprop: OpenCLLink encountered an invalid property. 

I've allocated the memory with

OpenCLMemoryAllocate["Float", 8]

When I remove the "__local", the kernel can be executed. The kernel works fine in a standalone C++ application.



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The OpenCL specification has this to say about clSetKernelArg which is called internally when the arguments are passed in:

If the argument is declared with the __local qualifier, the arg_value entry must be NULL.

When you allocate using OpenCLMemoryAllocate, you are setting that pointer to something non-null, and you are allocating global memory.

Do not use OpenCLMemoryAllocate for this. Instead, remove the aux argument and handle this inside the kernel:

__kernel void mergeSort(__global const float * in,__global float * out)
    __local float aux[8];    

I have dug into the Mathematica packages and found this in SystemFiles/Links/GPUTools/WGLPrivate.m

SetKernelLocalMemoryArgument[size_Integer] :=
        res = cSetLocalMemoryArgument[size];

... which appears to do what we want. However, I see no way to call this hidden function.

The Mathematica documentation also says:

Use of memory modifiers such as __constant is not supported by OpenCLLink. Memory passed into an OpenCLFunction must be __global.

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