G'day, guys. Here is a silly problem I am struggling with.

(*file name: 1.nb*)Button["Load the program", NotebookEvaluate[SystemDialogInput["FileOpen"]], Method->"Queued"]

(*file name: 2.nb*)eff = 1 - y Abs[1 + x]/(2 + Abs[1 + x]);CreateWindow[DialogNotebook[{TabView[{"eff"->Panel[With[{expr = eff}, Manipulate[Plot[expr, {x, -5, 5}], {y, 0, 0.1, 0.001}]]]}] 

The 2 lines of codes are saved in separate file. The idea is that I want to use the first file to open the 2nd file and show the manipulate output in a dialog. The 2nd file runs fine with itself from notebook (i.e. output shows fine in notbook and a dialog window). However, if I choose the 2nd file by running the 1st file, the graph doesn't update dynamically. Anyone got an idea for that? Thanks in advance!!


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