I have some dialog windows in a GUI of which one regularly crashes the kernel. I managed to focus on this particular piece of code, though I don't really know what causes the crash:

CreateDialog[DialogNotebook[Button[TextCell["Go"], DialogReturn[]]]];

Whenever I push the button, Mathematica crashes. Strangly, if I remove either the TextCell wrapper or the DialogReturn[] command, the button behaves correctly. Any idea what is the cause of the symptom?

(Mathematica 8.0.4, Win7/64)

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    $\begingroup$ MM Support just provided me with a new binary on Monday that resolved crashing in 8.04 OS-X, and this works fine for me. $\endgroup$ Apr 6, 2012 at 11:06

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Updated: It seems like this bug has been ironed out in version 9. as it does not cause a crash anymore.

Instead of comments, let's gather here the information we have:

  • Crash happens on Mathematica through 8.0.4, seemingly on all OS (reported confirmed on: WinXP/32, Mac OS 64-bit, Ubuntu 64bit, Win7/32).
  • Mathematica 7 doesn't crash, at least on Mac OS.
  • MM Support provided R Hall a new Mac OS binary that fixes the crash on 8.0.4.

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