I tried

Expectation[-q*Log[q], q \[Distributed] BetaDistribution[a, b]]

and got

(a (HarmonicNumber[a] - HarmonicNumber[a + b]))/(a + b)

(I get the same result using integration.) This seems pretty different from the expression in Wikipedia, even after substituting the identity (mentioned at MathWorld that H[n] = gamma + PolyGamma[0,n+1], where gamma is Euler's constant and PolyGamma[0, n+1] = Digamma[n+1].

Any ideas which identity I'm missing?


P.S. I trust the Wikipedia answer, I have seen this result before, but I want to re-derive it with Mathematica as a sanity check, before I go on to derive other expressions of interest.

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    $\begingroup$ You could plot the Wikipedia result and yours for a number of parameter values to see whether they might be the same after all. $\endgroup$ Nov 6, 2013 at 7:02

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Your definition of entropy is incorrect. It's $E(-\ln(P(x)))$, with $E$ the expectation operator and $P$ the probability mass function of the random variable $x$. I believe you may have been mixing up a few things.

The formal definition of the expectation is $E(x)=\int{x P(x)dx}$. I assume that you had this in mind and you further confused your random variable $q$ with its PDF to write

Expectation[-q*Log[q], q \[Distributed] BetaDistribution[a, b]] 

for the entropy.

Instead this should have been:

Expectation[-Log[PDF[BetaDistribution[a, b], q]], q \[Distributed] BetaDistribution[a, b]]

Unfortunately, I couldn't prod Mathematica to show the equality between Wikipedia's result and this formal definition symbolically. However, numerically it works out quite well.

This is Wikipedia's version:

Mathematica graphics

In Mathematica terms:

Ψ[n_] := HarmonicNumber[n - 1] - EulerGamma

entropyBeta[a_, b_] = 
  FullSimplify[Log[Beta[a, b]] - (a - 1) Ψ[a] - (b - 1) Ψ[b] + (a + b - 2) Ψ[a + b],     
    Assumptions -> {a > 0, b > 0}];


  Plot[entropyBeta[a, b], {b, 0.01, 5}],
    NExpectation[-Log[PDF[BetaDistribution[a, b], q]], q \[Distributed] BetaDistribution[a, b]], 
   {b, 0.1, 5, .1}]
 {a, 0.01, 5}]

Mathematica graphics

As you can see, they match very well.

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dist = BetaDistribution[a, b];

The constraints on the parameters are

assume = DistributionParameterAssumptions[dist];

The integral needs a little help:

(entropy[BetaDistribution[a, b]] = Assuming[assume && 0 < x < 1,
       -Log[PDF[dist, x]]*PDF[dist, x] // Simplify //
        FunctionExpand, {x, 0, 1}] // FullSimplify] /.
    Gamma[x_ + y_] :> Gamma[x]*Gamma[y]/Beta[x, y]) // TraditionalForm

enter image description here


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