I have implemented an Import|Export format for xz that behaves like gzip and other encoding formats:


But I think I did it in a really roundabout way, is there a more straightforward way than adding DownValues for all these things:

ImportExport`EncodingsDump`rundecoder["XZ", infile_String, outfile_String, opts___]
ImportExport`EncodingsDump`runencoder["XZ", infile_String, outfile_String, opts___]
FileFormatDump`$FILEFORMATMATRIX["XZ"] (* $ /mma.SE bug *)
ImportExport`EncodingsDump`CreateShortName[infile_ /; StringMatchQ[infile, "*.xz"]]
AppendTo[FileFormatDump`$FILEFORMATS, "XZ"]

Together with:

ImportExport`RegisterImport["XZ", ImportXZ,
 (* Similar for Export *)

What's the best way to do this?


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