I have data {x, y} where x starts at -25 degrees and goes up to +25 degrees in 1 degree steps, and then comes back down to -25 degrees in 1 degree steps again.

I want to plot this sinusoidal-type data without the y-data overlapping in the ranges -25 - +25 degrees. I have attached an image of the kind of graph I am after.

enter image description here

How does one do this?


You can always use Manual Tick specifications:

ticks = Join[Range[-25, 25, 5], Range[20, -25, -5]];
data = Table[{x, RandomInteger[10]}, {x, ticks}];

now the plot. the [[;; ;; 2]] selects just every second tickmark. Note that I plot the y-data just against their index and not against their x-value.

ListLinePlot[data[[All, 2]],  
  Ticks -> {Transpose[{Range@Length[data], ticks}][[;; ;; 2]], Automatic}]

enter image description here


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