As suggested in this earlier post, I restate my question here about appending CellTags option to existing list of Cells.

What I have for the moment:

listOef = {};

SelectionMove[this, Before, Notebook];
SelectionMove[this, Next, Cell];
SelectionMove[this, Next, Cell];
  SelectionMove[this, Next, CellGroup];
  AppendTo[listOef, NotebookRead[this]]
  , {i, aantalVragen}]

This copies cells I give in the EvaluationNotebook[] to the list listOef.

I now want to write this list to the new notebook nb after permuting its elements randomly with

allPermutations = Table[RandomPermutation[aantalVragen], {aantalToetsen}];

like this:

    Permute[listOef, allPermutations[[toetsNummer]]][[vraagNummer]]];
 {vraagNummer, aantalVragen}]

In this Do[] command, I would like to add Labels to every cell during the NotebookWrite command: its label would be "vraagNummer", the counter which goes from 1 to aantalVragen, which is given at the beginning of the document.

I'd like to have something like this:

SetOptions[ Cell, CellLabel->"vraag"<>ToString[vraagNummer] ]

but this doesn't seem to work. How can I address the cell which has just been written by NotebookWrite? Or how would you suggest to do this using this structure?

Thanks for all help!


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I've found the answer for this question:


gives the selected region of notebook nb. So using

  CellLabel -> "Vraag " <> ToString[vraagNummer] <> "."];

this can indeed change the CellLabel after writing the cell.


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