I try to export two grid in a same xls file, naming the sheets. This is an exemplification of my issue, and it doesn't work.

m = Grid[Table[i - j, {i, 3}, {j, 4}]];
Export["m.xls", m]

it works correctly, but if I try this code, naming the sheet, it doesn't work

Export["m.xls", {"MySheet" -> m}]



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The Grid is the reason why it does not work! Try this for multiple sheets

x = RandomReal[1, {5, 5}];
y = RandomInteger[{-10, 10}, {5, 5}];
Export[$UserBaseDirectory <> "\\file.xlsx", {"Real" -> y,"Integer" -> y}]

In your case

m=Table[i - j, {i, 3}, {j, 4}];
Export[$UserBaseDirectory <> "\\file.xlsx","MySheet" -> m]
  • $\begingroup$ Minor error the y and y in the Export should have been x and y $\endgroup$
    – Nigel King
    Apr 28, 2017 at 12:40

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