I want to graph more than two, lets say 5 different ParametricPlot-s all in terms of different time variables. Is there any way to do this, such that they all show up on the same plot? For example, I want to plot:

  • {3Cos[a],4Sin[a]}.. on some interval,

  • {4Cos[b],5Sin[b]}.. on some interval,

  • {5Cos[c],6Sin[c]}.. on some interval,

  • {6Cos[d],7Sin[d]}.. on some interval,

  • {7Cos[e],8Sin[e]}.. on some interval,

all on one picture.

Thank You Very Much.

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    $\begingroup$ Check out Show, note that the order matters (Show uses the options from the first graphic) $\endgroup$ Aug 28, 2013 at 13:13

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Combine them using Show[].

An example:

a1 = ParametricPlot[{3 Cos[a], 4 Sin[a]}, {a, 0, π}];

a2 = ParametricPlot[{4 Cos[b], 5 Sin[b]}, {b, 0, π/2}, 
     PlotStyle -> Green];

a3 = ParametricPlot[{5 Cos[c], 6 Sin[c]}, {c, 0, π/4}, 
     PlotStyle -> Purple];

a4 = ParametricPlot[{6 Cos[d], 7 Sin[d]}, {d, 0, π/8}, 
     PlotStyle -> Brown];

a5 = ParametricPlot[{7 Cos[e], 8 Sin[e]}, {e, 0, π/16}, 
     PlotStyle -> Cyan];

Show[a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, PlotRange -> All]



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