I have a number of computers which all might need to use the same (client) configuration for the Wolfram Lightweight Grid at some point.

I know that there are ways to programmatically set certain front-end options with commands akin to

SetOptions[$FrontEnd, RenderingOptions -> {"HardwareAntialiasingQuality" -> 1}]

as in this question.

My question is: are there similar commands which, when I evaluate them on a given computer will set the Local->Lightweight Grid preference pane? That is, I would love to have a notebook that I could distribute to my colleagues that contained code like

SetOptions[Something, LookForKernelsAt->IPAddress(es)OfTheComputer(s)RunningLightweightGrid]

that would configure their computers correctly and through Mathematica restarts (ie. so that they only have to evaluate the code one time).

Is this possible? Do such commands exist? I have been trying to understand what is provided in the LightweightGridClient and Parallel``Developer contexts but nothing seems to fit the bill.


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