I want to make the rule for a generalized distributivity. In what I'm doing, I'll have expressions such as:

$$(a_1 + ...+ a_n)**a_{n+1}$$

And I want to transform them to:

$$(a_1 ** a_{n+1} + ...+ a_n ** a_{n+1})$$

I know how to do in case I have a foreseeable number of variables. I could use:

(a + b) ** c /. {(x_ + y_) ** z_ -> (x ** z + y ** z)}

As the number $n$ is arbitrary, I thought I could do something in the lines of:



But this does not work. I tried to probe why this doesn't work but found nothing relevant. Can you help me?


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Not sure exactly how you want to use this, but the built in Distribute can do the work for you:

expression = (a + b + c) ** z;
(* a ** z + b ** z + c ** z *)

You can always use ReplaceRepeated (//.):

expr = (a + b + c + d) ** z;
expr //. {(x_ + y_) ** z_ -> (x ** z + y ** z)}
(* a ** z + b ** z + c ** z + d ** z *)

which applies the rule repeatedly until the expression doesn't change anymore.


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