Let's define a relatively small region via GeoPosition as follows.

pos = GeoPosition[{{48, 9}, {48.0001, 9}, {48.0001, 9.0001}, {48, 9.0001}}, "WGS84"]

The area of the corresponding polygon


is computed as

Quantity[82.97546880692244`, Power["Meters", 2]]

How can one obtain this result from the corresponding GeoGridPosition? One relatively close result is computed by

Area@Polygon@GeoGridPosition[pos, {"Albers", "ReferenceModel" -> "WGS84"}]["GridXY"]



A slightly better one is obtained using the projection "SPCS27MT01". However, some other projections yield significantly different results for this relatively small region.

What is the "right" choice when computing the area of relatively small regions from the corresponding GeoGridPosition?



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