I'm doing some GR calculations with xAct. I get an expression that is heavy. In order to simplify the results, I try to use the function ReplaceAll in simple cases. Here's an expression I want to simplify. The $R_{abcd}R^{abcd}$ is the one I want to replace. To make it simple, I put $1$:

enter image description here

 x_*RiemannCD[a, b, c, d] RiemannCD[-a, -b, -c, -d]*y_ -> 1]

where perturb is a variable containing the expression above. In its definition I used :

\[Delta]Sphi =  VarD[\[Phi][]][Lc + Lm] // ContractMetric;
perturb = Perturbation[\[Delta]Sphi, 0] // ExpandPerturbation // SortCovDs // ContractMetric

Here is the InputForm for perturb:

PD[-a][PD[a][\[Phi][]]] + PD[a][PD[-a][\[Phi][]]] - 
 4*\[Alpha]*RicciCD[-a, -b]*RicciCD[a, b]*
  Derivative[1][F][\[Phi][]] + \[Alpha]*RicciScalarCD[]^2*
  Derivative[1][F][\[Phi][]] + 
   \[Alpha]*RiemannCD[-a, -b, -c, -d]*RiemannCD[a, b, c, d]*
  Derivative[1][F][\[Phi][]] + 
 8*\[Beta]^3*RicciCD[-a, -b]*RicciCD[a, b]*\[Psi][]*
  Derivative[1][F][\[Phi][]] - 
  Derivative[1][F][\[Phi][]] - 
 2*\[Beta]^3*RiemannCD[-a, -b, -c, -d]*RiemannCD[a, b, c, d]*\[Psi][]*
  Derivative[1][F][\[Phi][]] + \[Beta]^3*\[Psi][]^2*

Here is the problem:

  • With perturb, the function gives me back the same expression, without any replacement.
  • If instead I directly put the expression above, it perfectly works !

Can you explain what's going on and how I can to not to place everytime the whole expression ?

Thanks !


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    $\begingroup$ Welcome to Mathematica StackExchange! Please edit the question and include the definition of perturb (copy and paste the InputForm from Mathematica) :) $\endgroup$
    – Domen
    Commented Mar 29 at 15:00
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    $\begingroup$ Hmm, I guess I wasn't really clear. Copy the output of the perturb, so that we can try the code ourself. perturb = -2β^3 RiemannCD[...] ... $\endgroup$
    – Domen
    Commented Mar 29 at 15:23

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You have to explicitely specify the lengths of factors in products, eg. the number of factors fact may be 0 to $\infty$

-2 \[Beta]^3 riemann1["\[Del]", a, b, c, d] riemann2["\[Del]", a, b, 
c, d] \[Psi] F'[\[Phi]] + \[Beta]^3 \[Psi]^2 F'[\[Phi]] /. {fact___*
riemann1["\[Del]", a, b, c, d] riemann2["\[Del]", a, b, c, d] :>Times[ fact]}

$$\beta ^3 \psi ^2 F'(\phi )-2 \beta ^3 \psi F'(\phi )$$

Very important: Enclose fact in a Times, because the Pattern match yields a sequence of factors expanded in the outer Plus as a sum, not as a product.

  • $\begingroup$ Hey ! Thanks for your answer. When I try to execute ReplaceAll[perturb,{fact___* RiemannCD[-a, -b, -c, -d] RiemannCD[a, b, c, d] :>Times[ fact]} this still gives me the unchanged expression. Even with /. notation. $\endgroup$
    – TrodaroX
    Commented Mar 29 at 17:06

I solved the problem by using the MakeRule method of xAct

ruleG = MakeRule[{RiemannCD[a, b, c, d] RiemannCD[-a, -b, -c, -d], 
    G - RicciScalarCD[]^2 + 4* RicciCD[a, b] RicciCD[-a, -b]}];
RiemannCD[-a, -b, -c, -d]*RiemannCD[a, b, c, d] /. ruleG

it gives:

G + 4*RicciCD[-a, -b]*RicciCD[a, b] - RicciScalarCD[]^2

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