My problem is, that when a make a notebook and convert it to CDF using the 'CDF-Export', the search field, which appears on CDF player, does not work. When trying to search for a word, the computer simply makes a sound indicating that the word was not found. But when I use 'CDF-preview' before converting, the search field works just fine.

I have tried it with very simple notebooks and the problem is still there.

Am I the only one with this problem? Does anyone have an idea for a solution?


I found a solution: Don't use the export wizard. Use 'Save as' and choose .cdf in stead. The conversion is a lot faster and the search function works on the resulting cdf-file. I have tried this on two different computers and the result is the same:

With the wizard the search field does not work. With 'save as' the search field works.

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