I first cut out the window from the image of the house, paint it yellow, and then overlay it on the image of the house.

I have two questions:

(1) Why did the yellow window and the house get misaligned when I added them together?

(2) Is there a way to change the color of the window directly in the image of the house without cutting it out? Maybe I can use Image Mask to do this?

Thank you.

img = ExampleData[{"TestImage", "House"}];
rTop = 169; yTop = 135.622;
rBot = 121; yBot = 87.027;
cLef = 106; xLef = 140.4;
cRig = 141; xRig = 105.6;
iwin = ImageTake[img, {rBot, rTop}, {cLef, cRig}];
iwiny = ImageRecolor[iwin, ColorsNear[White, 0.2] -> Yellow]
ImageAdd[img, iwiny]

result of my code


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Use ImageCompose with position instead of ImageAdd.

ImageCompose[img, iwiny, {rBot, cLef}]

enter image description here


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