I am trying to use NestWhile with a custom test as follows:

k = {{Subscript[\[Lambda], s], {s, s}}, {Subscript[\[Lambda],x], {x, x}}};
SubscriptQ[x_] := (ToString[Head[x]] == "Subscript")
NestWhile[First, k, SubscriptQ[#] &]

But it does not work. I want it to keep taking the first element of the list until some Subscript appears. How can I make a test for this?

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NestWhile will stop when the condition is False. Therefore, you have to negate your condition!

Also, no need for ToString.

SubscriptQ[x_] := Head[x] === Subscript

k = {{Subscript[λ, s], {s, s}}, {Subscript[λ, x], {x, x}}};
NestWhile[First, k, Not@*SubscriptQ]
(* Subscript[λ, s] *)

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