I am new to Mathematica and trying to learn its language. I want to solve a non-linear PDE but don't know how to insert it. Would you please help me or give me some tutorial about it?


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ClearAll[h, x, n, t]
hx = D[h[x, t], x];
ht = D[h[x, t], t];
sqrtTerm = Sqrt[1 + 4*n*Abs[hx]];
ode = -Sign[hx]*1/2*D[ h[x, t]*(sqrtTerm - 1), x] == -ht

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Just do not try to solve this analytically. It wont work (Abs and Sign do not play well with analytic solvers).

May be numerical solution might work (with right IC/BC and values for any parameters.

see DSolve and NDSovle

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you. it makes sense and I think everything is correct except that the eq is PDE not ODE. you wrote ode =.... thanks for your suggestions, I do not want to solve it analytically its impossible, I wanted to use NDSOLVE but I could not introduce the equation in Mathematica $\endgroup$
    – AWer
    Feb 6 at 13:34

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