I'm importing data from Excel. It appears that the sheet number needed in the Import statement is taken from the order that the sheets appear in the open Excel file. I need to import 2 of the sheets from an Excel file. I'd like to do it via the names of the sheets, or at least by some attribute that won't change if I add or delete other sheets or re-order the existing sheets. Can this be done?


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(*show all sheets*)
Import["D:\\allstuff.xls", "Sheets"]
{"portf", "notes", "calc", "xirr", "tx", "JTrade", "Yahoo"}

Import["D:\\stuff.xls", {"Sheets", "portf", 6}]
(*gets 6th row of sheet named "portf"*)

Leave off the 6 to get the whole sheet or say 6,2 to get one cell at 6,B.


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