I would like to fit a label for a grid of images in the remainder of the columns on the last row. A minimal example and an attempt follows where the letters represent images.

Style[#, 44] & /@ CharacterRange["A", "Z"] // 
   Partition[#, UpTo[4]] & // Grid // Framed

Style[#, 44] & /@ 
    CharacterRange["A", "Z"]~
     Join~{Style[#, 8] &@"Letters in the English Alphabet"} // 
   Partition[#, UpTo[4]] & // Grid // Framed

enter image description here

How can this be accomplished? Thanks for your help.


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Maybe modify your grid along these lines:

(Style[#, 44] & /@ CharacterRange["A", "Z"])~Join~
{Pane[Style[#, 8] &@"Letters in the English Alphabet", 50], SpanFromLeft} //  
Partition[#, UpTo[4]] & // Grid // Framed

Specifically, use a Pane to easily wrap the text and use SpanFromLeft so that the label text flows across all remaining columns. I chose a width of 50 for Pane, but maybe you can derive that automatically. Or maybe Pane won't work, in which case we'd need more info.

Oh, also note that I added parentheses, (Style[#, 44] & /@ CharacterRange["A", "Z"]), to force the desired precedence.

  • $\begingroup$ There is a hard return in front of // Partition... $\endgroup$
    – MelaGo
    Jan 5 at 16:34

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