Problem description

To use Matlab code in Mathematica I have tried to use the package MATLink. However, everytime I run the code below


I will have the error information

MATLink has lost connection to the MATLAB engine; please restart MATLink to create a new connection. 
If this was a crash, then please try to reproduce it and open a new issue, 
making sure to provide all the details necessary to reproduce it.

However, when I run the command OpenMATLAB[] again, everything goes well and I can use the Matlab command within Mathematica now. But every time I want to execute OpenMATLAB[] to establish a connection with Matlab, the error happens and I have to execute the command again. What can I do?

Version information

  • Matlab: (R2023b) Update 2
  • Mathematica: "13.1.0 for Microsoft Windows (64-bit) (June 16, 2022)"
  • Windows 10


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