In Mathematica, how can I replace instances of delta t in an expression with a, while keeping instances of delta and t separate when they appear alone? For example, delta^2 t should be replaced with a delta, not delta^2 t. The following code doesn't work as expected; it results in delta^2 t instead of a delta.

replaceRule = delta t -> a;
expr = delta^2 t;
newExpr = expr /. replaceRule;

The output is:

delta^2 t

instead of:

a delta

What am I doing wrong, and how can I achieve the correct replacement?


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(* "13.3.1 for Mac OS X ARM (64-bit) (July 24, 2023)" *)


replaceRule = delta^n1_. t^n2_. -> (n3 = Min[n1, n2];
    delta^(n1 - n3) t^(n2 - n3) a^n3);

expr = {delta^2 t, delta^3 t^5, delta^5 t^3};

newExpr = expr /. replaceRule

(* {a delta, a^3 t^2, a^3 delta^2} *)

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