When you run simple LLM calls, a popup progress report appears in the UI until the process completes:

LLMFunction["what is the opposite of ``?"]["up"]

Progress window saying "Waiting for OpenAI answer..."

How can you turn this off? (It is quite annoying to look at when mapping results over a list of results.)

Some comments and things that don't work:

  • It seems like a reasonable thing to do: For example in NetTrain, Predict, Classify you can set TrainingProgressReporting to None
  • Something that doesn't work: Wrapping the call in [Quiet(http://reference.wolfram.com/language/ref/Quiet.html) doesn't seem to change anything. (was worth a shot)
  • Hiding inside of a ParallelMap seems to suppress this (i.e., the ParallelMap progress reporting takes precedence)

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In Mathematica 13.3, LLMFunction and LLMSynthesize have an undocumented option, ProgressReporting:

LLMFunction["what is the opposite of ``?", ProgressReporting -> False]

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