I have a problem in plotting a function. The example code is as following:

d = 0.1;
M[x_] := ((x/d) - 0.4);
Plot[p[x], {x, 0, 10}, Ticks -> {{0, d, 2d, 3d}, {1, 1}}] 

I would like to have $d,\ 2d,\ 3d$ and so on the x-axis label at right positions, i.e. at $0.1,\ 0.2$ and so on. How can I achieve this?


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You mean something like this? (ps. I assume your M[x_] is meant to be p[x]

 tick[min_, max_] := 
  Table[{i, Row[{Rationalize[i/d], "d"}], {.01, 0}, Black}, {i, 
    Ceiling[min], Floor[max], 10*d}];
d = 0.1;
maxRange = 10;
p[x_] := ((x/d) - 0.4);
Plot[p[x], {x, 0, maxRange}, Frame -> True, 
 FrameTicks -> {{Automatic, None}, {tick, None}}, 
 GridLines -> {Range[0, 10], Automatic}, GridLinesStyle -> LightGray]

enter image description here

You can play with the tick styling as you want, change the number formatting, etc...


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