Consider a list of chapters/sections etc. that have the same tag, say, "evaluation". Could you please tell me how to clear all the functions/symbols/definitions etc. that have been defined while evaluating this content?


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(* Step 1: Define a unique context *)
taggedContext = "EvaluationTag`";

(* Step 2: Clear all definitions in the tagged context *)
ClearAll[taggedContext <> "*"]

(* Alternatively, you can use Remove to remove symbols from the context *)
Remove["Global`" <> taggedContext <> "*"]

This code does the following:

  • It defines taggedContext as a unique prefix for your tagged content. You can replace "EvaluationTag" with your specific tag name.
  • Then, it uses ClearAll or Remove with a pattern to clear or remove all symbols with names that start with taggedContext.

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