The complex Shannon function is defined as:

enter image description here

It seems that Mathematica doesn't support the complex Shannon transform although it supports the real Shannon function. I need the complex Shannon function to run a discrete wavelet transform. Can I define a new wavelet exactly like the equation for complex Shannon?


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$\color{red}{\text{In different definitions,}}$

$\color{red}{\text{there may be horizontal axis scaling, vertical axis scaling, horizontal axis shift.}}$

$\color{red}{\text{but you should make sure the shapes are consistent.}}$


mySincFunction[x_] := If[x == 0, 1, Sin[Pi x]/(Pi x)];
shanwavf[LB_, UB_, N_, FB_, FC_] := 
 Module[{XRange, psi}, XRange = Range[LB, UB, (UB - LB)/(N - 1)];
  psi = Table[(FB^0.5)*(mySincFunction[FB X]*Exp[2 I Pi FC X]), {X, 
  {psi, XRange}]
{psi, x} = shanwavf[-20, 20, 1000, 1, 1.5];

GraphicsRow[{ListLinePlot[Transpose[{x, Re[psi]}], 
   PlotLabel -> "Complex Shannon Wavelet - Real Part", 
   AxesLabel -> {"X", "Real Part"}, PlotRange -> Full], 
  ListLinePlot[Transpose[{x, Im[psi]}], 
   PlotLabel -> "Complex Shannon Wavelet - Imaginary Part", 
   AxesLabel -> {"X", "Imaginary Part"}, PlotRange -> Full]}]

enter image description here

now DefiningYourOwnWavelet. I'm not sure whether the below code is true.

ComplexShannonWavelet[LB_, UB_, N_, FB_, FC_]["WaveletQ"] := True;
ComplexShannonWavelet[LB_, UB_, N_, FB_, FC_]["OrthogonalQ"] := True
ComplexShannonWavelet[LB_, UB_, N_, FB_, FC_]["PrimalLowpass", 
   prec_ : MachinePrecision] := 
  Module[{psi, X}, {psi, X} = shanwavf[LB, UB, N, FB, FC]; psi];

yourImage = Import["ExampleData/photo.jpg"]
dwd = DiscreteWaveletTransform[yourImage, ComplexShannonWavelet[-20, 20, 100, 1, 1.5], 2]


Why don't you use shanwavf in MATLAB, which seems more practical.

fb = 1;
fc = 1.5;
lb = -20; 
ub = 20; 
n = 1000;
[psi,x] = shanwavf(lb,ub,n,fb,fc);
title('Complex Shannon Wavelet')
xlabel('Real Part')
grid on
xlabel('Imaginary Part')
grid on

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ if i want cwt(Continuous wavelet transform) Instead of dwt i need fourier factor and fourier transform so how can this be defined for Shannon? $\endgroup$ Oct 12, 2023 at 9:15

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