I would like to save a series of graphics of a function as pictures. But the problem is that I can't manipulate the name of the graphs, because of that only the last graphics in the series is saved.

How could the whole series of graphics be saved?


gr[B_, i_] := B*2*i^2

For[i = 1, i < 5, i++,
 GE[i_] := Table[{B, gr[B, i]}, {B, 0, 9, 1}];
  ListPlot[Table[{GE[i][[l, 1]], GE[i][[l, 2]]}, {l, 1, 10}], 
   PlotRange -> All]]]

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You could use Use StringJoin (<>) and ToString to give each plot a separate filename based on i


Edit: building off Nasser's answer, it probably is just easier to put everything on one plot:

GE[i_] := Table[{B, gr[B, i]}, {B, 0, 9}];
p= ListPlot[ Table[GE[i], {i, 5}], PlotLegends -> Automatic]

enter image description here


I would not do things like this, but this makes your code at least work. More functional style can be done on this. ps. also avoid For. I assume you want all plots in one pdf file.

Export["p.pdf",ListPlot[ p]]

enter image description here


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