How can I split a string at the first space character in it?

For example, "First I. Last, Jr." should become {"First","I. Last, Jr."}.


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Use the third argument of StringSplit to split input string into at most 2 substrings:

str = "First I. Last, Jr.";

StringSplit[str, " ", 2]
{"First", "I. Last, Jr."}

Using string pattern or regex

StringCases["First I. Last, Jr.",StartOfString~~Shortest[head___]~~" "~~Longest[tail___]~~EndOfString:>{head,tail}]

StringCases["First I. Last, Jr.",RegularExpression["^(\\S*?)(\\s)(.*)$"]:>{"$1","$3"}]

{{"First", "I. Last, Jr."}}
str = "First I. Last, Jr.";

Similar to what @Nasser suggested earlier with slightly different syntax:

{StringTake[str, # - 1],
   StringTake[str, {# + 1, StringLength@str}]
   } &@First@First@StringPosition[str, " "]

If one didn't know about the third argument:

{First@#, StringJoin@Rest@#} &@StringSplit[str, " "]

Using StringCases:

 a : Shortest[___] ~~ " " ~~ b : __ :> Sequence @@ {a, b}]

Circuitous but more flexible:

 Characters@str, {a__, " ", b__} :> 
  Sequence @@ {StringJoin@a, StringJoin@b}]

{"First", "I. Last, Jr."}


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