All, I am very new to Mathematica, but through searching have not found a solution to this problem.

Is it possible now to rearrange an equation to have only one variable on the left hand side?

I have the following equation and I would like to solve for theta double dot:

r[t] = h Sec[[Theta][t]] ((Sec[[Theta][t]]^2 + Tan[[Theta][t]]^2) Derivative[1][[Theta]][t]^2 + Tan[[Theta][t]] ([Theta]^[Prime][Prime])[t])

basically I a position function r[t_]:= h Sec[theta[t]] and I am taking the second derivative of it with respect to time and then solving for theta double dot on one side.

Is it possible to get mathematica to rearrange the equation for me?



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