I need to use variables like \$ + capital letters(\$A,\$B,...) frequently in a project, the default autocomplete always pops up automatically, in most cases, it's a distraction. Can we set Mathematica to ignore the first $ symbol when autocomplete? enter image description here


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The easiest option would of course be to simply change the variable names to start e.g. with § or any other letter-like character that's easily accessible on your keyboard.

Another option is to remove all symbols, at least as far as the front-end is concerned (see also this Q&A):

  "System`", $ContextPath, {{"System`", {}, 
    Names["System`$*"], {}, {}}}]

enter image description here

This has the side-effect of causing all $* symbols to be colored blue, because the front-end thinks they don't exist. The only way I found to work around this is to use the (rather heavy-handed) mechanism described here: You can add all unwanted symbols to your FileNameJoin@{$InstallationDirectory, "SystemFiles", "Components", "AutoCompletionData", "Main", "obsoleteFunctions.m"} file.


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